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Physical Exams

Physical Exams in Alexandria, and Ruther Glen VA

Whenever you need a physical exam right away, you can go to an urgent care clinic. Physical exams are important because they allow health care professionals to assess a person’s overall health and identify any potential medical issues before they become serious. Get a physical examination here at PACS Urgent Care. For more information, contact us today or online check-in. We have convenient locations to serve you in Alexandria VA, and Ruther glen VA.

Physical Exams Near Me in Alexandria, and Ruther Glen, VA
Physical Exams Near Me in Alexandria, and Ruther Glen, VA

Table of Contents:

What does a physical exam mean?
What are the different kinds of physicals?
What is included in a physical exam?
Does urgent care provide physical exams?

Physical health is important for every living being and is a complex subject that encompasses several different aspects. By examining the body, doctors can tell a lot about a person’s health, and, with enough experience, even just looking at someone’s body can provide insight into their lifestyle and health habits. Physical exams allow doctors and other healthcare professionals to determine a patient’s overall health and provide invaluable preventative care, both in the early detection and prevention of a number of common conditions.

What does a physical exam mean?

A physical examination is a routine test performed by a primary care physician to check a patient’s overall health. The exam is also known as a wellness check and may be referred to by other names, such as a well-visit. You do not have to be sick to request a physical exam; in fact, most exams are performed on patients in good health and are designed to prevent illnesses from occurring.

A physical exam can be an opportune time to ask your primary care provider questions about your health or discuss any lifestyle changes or new problems that you have noticed. There are a wide number of different tests that can be performed during a physical examination. The number of tests performed and additional testing depends on age, medical history, and risk factors.

What are the different kinds of physicals?

Although there are several different kinds of physical exams, each with its own unique name and purpose, they each fall into one of three categories:

Wellness Physical — The first type of physical exam is a general wellness one and should be performed annually or whenever you have a new doctor. This exam typically involves auscultation (listening to the sounds of the organs, such as the heart or lungs) and palpation (physically touching the body) to check for abnormalities and to make sure your body is running smoothly. The doctor will also review your family history, and discuss any particular problem that runs in your family.

Sports Physical — The second type of physical exam is a sports physical, which evaluates a person’s readiness for a particular sport. It is often required each year for students who wish to participate in sports and physical activities. Although aspects of the exam differ depending on the sport, they often focus on two main things: determining a general level of fitness and looking for anything that may cause potential injury.

Work Physical — The third type of physical exam is a work physical and varies depending on occupational hazards, demands of the job, and if the public is involved. This exam measures a person’s readiness and suitability for any type of job. There are work physicals for specific jobs, such as firefighter or police physicals, as well as exams for jobs that require driving or transportation, such as a DOT physical.

What is included in a physical exam?

Although the components of a physical exam depend on age, risk factors, lifestyle, and personal health history, they typically consist of the following:

• Vital sign checks, such as:
• Blood pressure readings
• Blood tests
• Heart rate and rhythm
• Respiratory rate
• Prevention measures
• Updated health history, which may include questions about:
• Your job and relationships
• Current medicines (both prescribed and over-the-counter)
• Allergies
• Supplements
• Recent surgeries
• Visual exam, which looks at the health of the:
• Head
• Eyes
• Chest
• Abdomen
• Musculoskeletal systems, such as your hands and wrists
• Nervous system functions, such as speech and walking
• Laboratory tests, which may include:
• Complete Blood Count
• Complete Metabolic Panel
• Diabetes Screening
• Thyroid Screening
• Lipid Panel (Cholesterol Test)

Does urgent care provide physical exams?

Yes, many urgent care clinics provide physical exams. At PACS Urgent Care, we offer DOT physicals, work physicals, and school physicals. If you are in need of a physical exam, come to PACS Urgent Care. We offer several different physical exams to provide a better picture of your health. For more information, call us or book an appointment today. We have convenient locations to serve you in Alexandria VA, and Ruther glen VA! We serve patients from Alexandria VA, Huntington VA, Arlington VA, Ruther Glen VA, Bagdad VA, Athens VA, Doswell VA, and surrounding areas.

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