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Skin Diseases Treatment Specialist Questions and Answers

Treatments are available for skin conditions. Talk to our team of healthcare professionals today at PACS (Premier Acute Care Services) Urgent Care about our treatments for skin problems. For more information, call us. We have convenient locations to serve you in Alexandria VA, and Ruther Glen VA!

Skin Diseases Treatment Specialist Near Me in Alexandria, VA and Ruther Glen, VA
Skin Diseases Treatment Specialist Near Me in Alexandria, VA and Ruther Glen, VA

What are some common skin conditions?

Skin conditions is a broad term that can be used to classify a vast assortment of issues that can affect the skin. The symptoms of skin conditions vary greatly, as does the severity of the condition. Skin conditions can be complete opposites depending on the type of condition, for example the condition could be temporary or permanent, painful or painless, minor or life-threatening. They can also be caused by a wide variety of reasons, some that can be within our control such as exposure to an allergen or from contact with an infected person and others can’t be controlled by anything we do, such as acne. While there is an extensive list of skin conditions that can affect people of all ages and skin types, some of the most common skin problems can include acne, cold sores, blisters, hives, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, melanoma and several others. Some of these conditions will heal on their own such as blisters and acne, while others require medical attention such as cellulitis. While the symptoms of each condition will be different, your doctor or dermatologist may be able to provide you with recommendations or medications to help control symptoms. They will also be able to accurately diagnose your condition and let you know if there is any treatment needed or if you need to change anything in your life to minimize the severity and extent of the condition.

What is the main cause of skin problems?

As vast and varied is the list of skin conditions, so is the list of causes for the problems. Skin conditions refers to so many different types of issues that affect the appearance of the skin, it is impossible to pinpoint an exact cause for each condition. Some of the common causes of skin issues can include bacteria in the hair follicles and skin pores, a fungi, parasite or microorganism on the skin, viruses, weakened immune system, allergens or irritants, contact with an infected person, genetics and illnesses affecting some of the body’s systems. Certain lifestyle factors can also play a role in skin conditions, while some conditions have no known cause at this time. Medical conditions that can either cause skin problems, or increase your risk of developing skin issues, include inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes, lupus, stress and pregnancy. Exposure to the sun for prolonged periods of time or without protection from a broad-spectrum sunscreen is the cause for many skin problems that can range from mild and harmless to rare and life-threatening. Your doctor or dermatologist can help you to determine the cause of your skin problems in order to provide you with the correct treatment plan for your unique situation.

How do you treat skin diseases?

The treatment for a skin disease will be dependent on the type of skin disease being treated and if there is a treatment option available. Unfortunately, not all skin conditions are treatable at this time, but luckily those that are treatable can be treated with the use of medicated creams and ointments or oral antibiotics. Other methods of treatment can include antihistamines, steroid or vitamin injections, laser therapy and targeted prescription medications. In some cases, treatment isn’t necessary, and symptoms clear up on their own over time. There are also other conditions that are chronic, and symptoms can reappear as the result of certain triggers, most commonly stress or illness. It is possible to prevent many infectious skin disorders by practicing good hygiene, avoiding sharing utensils and glasses, and avoiding direct skin contact with an infected person. Other key tips include: drinking plenty of water; not sharing personal items; cleaning public items prior to using them such as gym equipment; avoiding excessive stress; getting vaccinated according to the immunization schedule; and following a nutritious diet. If you have skin conditions, then we suggest you contact our team of healthcare professionals through our website. PACS Urgent Care is home to a leading team of healthcare professionals and innovative technology. We are open 7 days a week and we accept walk-ins. We serve patients from Alexandria VA, Ruther Glen VA, Bagdad VA, Athens VA, Balty VA, and Doswell VA.

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